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Looking to learn something fun? Check out Classapalooza. Have something cool to share? Get started teaching! Looking for a location to teach at? Not sure what to teach? Check out our list of ideas!


Classapalooza is an all-day class fest! 20 short classes in one place throughout the day. Come learn how to break dance, build a website, or use a 3d printer!

December 8 @ 9am – 5pm
Switch Innevation Center
3rd floor, 6795 Edmond Street, Las Vegas NV 89118 (map)
$10 & includes lunch!

Purchase Tickets ($10)


Schedule coming soon!


  1. What skill do you want to share?
    • People are alway asking me about...
    • I really love...
    • I really want to push myself to learn...
    • I wish I had a class when I wanted to know more about...
    • I would really like to find other people who love...
  2. The details to make it happen
    • Choose a date and time (we recommend 4 weeks out)
    • Find a venue
    • Take time writing your listing (it won't get listed otherwise)
    • What makes you the person to teach this?
    • What resource do you need to make your class happen?
  3. Marketing Your Class
    • Post it to the Vegas Skillshare FB page
    • List it on teachvegas.com
    • Market to your own personal network
    • Post fliers at the venue / email your students
    • Let Monera know if kids can attend
  4. Interactive is the Skillshare Way
    • What is one thing you want all students to take away?
    • Can you do a hands-on project to bring the learning home?
    • What was the hardest part you encountered when learning?
    • Make it personal your passion will carry you nerves.
    • Don't be afraid to assign work to students before class
  5. Other Hints
    • Let people know the prerequisits up front
    • Charge for your class, otherwise people won't show up
    • Be open to feedback and provided resources
    • What was great? Where did you lose students?
    • Is their a good follow-up class?